The users and groups service is an advanced feature which creates a flexible way to invite users to your site and create permissions for groups of users. Permissions are an important way to restrict certain users from areas of the site while different permissions can allow access for other users to those same areas.


On the Users page, you can create Users and Members. The main differences between a user and a member is users can get services and you can invite a user to the site by typing their username and password when creating a new user. Also, a user is restricted to the website.

The two buttons on the page are:

  • Create User: A window pops up to enter an email address. Once the email address is typed, click "Create".
  • Create Member: A window pops up to enter an email address and password. Once the email address and password are typed, click "Create". An email will be sent to the user with their password creating an opportunity to login to the site.


Users and Groups -- Groups

  • Managing Groups allows the administrator to have different restrictions from one user to the next. Creating groups is a great way to manage Services and Pages on a more general level. This way you can associate different levels of permissions through different groups and associate them to different users or members as appropriate.
    • Manage Users: Lists all of the users with a check box next to them. Check the users you want in the group.
    • Manage Services: Lists all of the services with a check box next to them. Check the services you want in the group.
    • Manage Pages: Lists all of the pages with a check box next to them. Check the pages you want in the group.
    • Click the red X to delete the group.




Users and Group -- Pages

The Service and Page Tabs work in the same fashion.

When clicking the link "Protect", you'll get a bunch of options for the columns. The columns appear because you now have the ability to protect the page or service so access has been granted to do that with the links.

These columns are:

  • Users: You can "Manage Users" with windows popup after clicking on the link.
  • Groups: You can "Manage Groups" with windows popup after clicking on the link.
  • Allow Users/Members: check the checkbox if you want to Allow users or members on that page or service without needing to manage it.
  • Advanced: A window pops up provideing an area to type a url. After typing the URL and saving it, you'll notice the rest of the columns will disappear. The Advanced property will take the precedence over any other attributes.

Pages -- Advanced