Creating a Dropdown menu

A drop down is a type of menu used to have additional items appear below a single listing on your website main menu. This is sometimes referred to as a sub-menu, but to avoid confusion, we will refer to it as a dropdown as much as possible.

Dropdowns are useful if you have multiple items you’d like to make available to a user navigating your site, but don’t want your menu to appear cluttered.

To create a dropdown, you first need to go to the Pages section of your website.  To access the Pages section, simply click on the ‘Pages’ icon in the upper left of the toolbar.

Once in Pages, we’ll need to follow a few steps to create our dropdown.

Step 1: Create a New Menu

As mentioned, a drop down is often referred to as a sub-menu, which means a menu displayed within a menu.  Generally, your drop down is going to be displayed in your default, or main menu, area and since that menu already exists, you don’t need to worry about creating it.  But you do need to create the menu that will be part of the drop down itself.

Go ahead and create a New Menu to hold the items that will appear in your Sub Menu. 

For this example, let's title this new Menu "Dropdown Items".

Step 2:  Add Items

So now that you have your menu created, you can put items in it. These are the items and choices that you want to be visible in the dropdown for the user to select.  You can take any existing tabs and drag and place them into your new menu area, or you can create new tabs and have them located in the new menu.

In our example, we've place two page tabs into the new "Dropdown Items" Menu. 

Step 3: Create the Dropdown

Once you’ve settled on the items you would like to appear in your dropdown, it’s time to create the actual drop down itself.

  1. a. Click the Add Item button, and set the Type pulldown to "Sub Menu".

    b. In the Menu pulldown, select the menu you want to display as a Sub Menu - in the case of our example, choose "Dropdown Items".

    c. Finally, in the Menu Location pulldown, choose the Menu you want to place the Sub Menu into. For our example, choose "default" and click the "Create Sub Menu" button.  You will then see the new tab displayed in the default menu area.

  2. Close out of Pages and your website will refresh.  You will see your new listing appear in the main menu, and when you hover over it, your dropdown will appear and display the items you've placed within.

Now to add or remove items to a dropdown, simply go into Pages and either add or remove tabs from the menu area the dropdown is set to display. In our example, our dropdown displays all of the contents in the ‘More’ menu area. To remove a listing from the dropdown, I simply remove the tab from the menu area and place it somewhere else. Then when I exit Pages, the item will no longer appear in the dropdown. And to add an item to the dropdown, I go into Pages and place the desired tab inside the menu area. And now when I exit Pages, the item will appear in the dropdown.

Please note: a dropdown is intended to exist within a menu. Creating a dropdown within a dropdown may lead to problems with functionality.