You can have a Page appear in multiple Menu location using the Page Alias Menu Item.

In this example, we will place a page called "Our Company" in both the default menu, and a second menu called "Information".

  1. Open the Pages dialog window and click the Add Item button.

  2. Choose Page Alias from the Type pulldown.

  3. In the Page pulldown, select the existing Page you want to have appear in an additional Menu location. In our example, choose "Our Company"

  4. In the Page Name field, enter the name of the link as you want it to appear in the new Menu Location.

  5. In the Menu Location pulldown, select the additional Menu location where you would like the Page Alias to appear. For this example, choose "default".

  6. Click the "Create Page Alias" button. Your page will now be linked to from both menu locations!

Remember to refresh the browser window to see the change you have made to your Menu!