Station App


The Stations App is an interactive tool that allows studio members to book a bike, yoga mat, or a custom image associated to a class.  Reserve the selected image and sign up for a class. The Stations app integrates with Mindbody’s schedule of classes for a studio. 

Getting Started

To access your Stations app, login to Aurora and click the Edit link.

Edit Display

Select the Stations icon from the Apps menu.

The Stations application will open.

Management Area


The management area allows for the construction of a layout which will, generally, be representative of the layout for a studio’s room.  The general set up of a layout starts with uploading a background image followed by a photo image and then upload any of the custom icons needed.  Once the layout is created, any layout can be associated with a class in the “Classes” tab.  Below is a listing of each tab with its functionality.

There is a refresh image next to the “Stations App Management” title, when desired, click to refresh the page.

Station App Tabs



The classes tab lists all of the active classes for the studio from MINDBODY.  With each class there is a drop down with the capability of selecting a layout and an input box which allows for a Room Number to be typed in.

The layout dropdown includes:

  • None
  • Default
  • Any layout created on the layout tab

On the right most portion of the classes tab are options and filters.  The options area provides a default layout dropdown of all the layout possibilities.  When you choose a layout and click the "Set All" button any classes listed with the "Default" will inherit the layout you chose in this option.  You can also filter the classes by day and location.

Heart Rate Only Classes Feature

Stations can now handle classes where you want to collect stats but do NOT want to assign station numbers to those reservations! So for studios collecting Heart Rate only data, you no longer have to ask your clients to choose a "placeholder" station just so their stats can be recorded and e-mailed. Here is a quick video that better explains the feature:



The layouts tab displays a “New Layout” button on the right side of Layouts Manager header.  Any created layouts will be listed with the layout name, the selected photo and the created date below the photo.  If there is more than one layout available they will be listed in a grid like fashion.  

To edit one of the listed layouts simply click inside the border of the preferred layout, but not on the red X.  (Follow the new layout instructions to make changes.)  

Note: Changing the grid size on edit will eliminate all icon placements on the grid.

To delete a layout click on the red X related to the layout.

To create a new layout.

  • Click the "New Layout" button.
  • Type a layout name to the associated input of the "Layout Name" label.
  • The Grid size has two inputs. Both take numeric values.
    • Entering a value in the X input will provide the amount of slots horizontally
    • Entering a value in the Y input will provide the amount of slots vertically
      • The X and Y input can not exceed the number 50.
  • The background drop down allows for the selection of a background image which will be displayed to the customer.
  • the photo drop down allows for the selection of a photo image which will be displayed on the initial layouts tab.
  • Toggling through the "Icon Set" will provide four choices: Accessories, Yoga Class, Spin Class, and Custom Icons.  Icon images will change based on the selection in the drop down.  Any of the icons in the set can be dragged and placed on the grid to match the studio's layouts.
    • Note -- The trash icon is not allowed to be dragged on the grid. But if there is an icon on the grid which is no longer wanted then drag the icon off the grid and hover over the trash.  The icon will be deleted.


Icons, Backgrounds, & Photos



In the Icons tab, there is a list of Icons that can be used when creating a layout.  There are four sections in the Icon Manager.  

  1. Accessories: the icons are a fan, mirror, tv, instructor, and speaker icon.
  2. Yoga Class: has an available mat and a, grayed out, not available mat.
  3. Spin Class: has an available spin cycle and a grayed out, not available, spin cycle.
  4. Custom Icons: to the right, directly below the "Icon Manager" header, is an "Upload Custom Icons" button which allows for custom icons to be added as usable icons.  The custom icons allow for full utilization of the stations app for any studio.  An example of this is a studio using fitness surf boards instead of mats or spin cycles.  The custom icons create a lot of flexibility.
    1. Custom Icon will have a "Delete" link below it which allows for the deletion of the custom icon.


Clicking on a custom icon image will popup a window.  The fields in the window are:

  • Icon Name: user reference (must be unique)
  • Display Name: name shown in layout.
  • Reserved Icon: If a selection is chosen then the reserve icon will show instead of the default icon when the icon is reserved in the class layout.
  • Reservable Icon: If the "Yes" radio button is selected, it will make this is a reservable icon. 
  • Draggable: If the “Yes” radio button is selected, then the icon will be draggable.

Custom Icon image size:
Width: 59 pixels
Height: 40 pixels.


The background tab allows for the upload of an image.  A background image can be associated with a layout.  The image will be the entire background of the stations layout.  The purpose of the background image is to create a studios own custom feel for the customer facing stations page. Make sure the background image does not contain any special characters (spaces, %, &, ( ), or - ) in the file name before uploading. 


The Photos tab allows for the upload of an image to associate with the layout.  An example of a Photo associated with the layout would be to put a picture of the spin class.  The photo is displayed for any existing layouts on the “layouts” tab.



The reservations tab lists any class which has a member reserved to it.  When a studio member has reserved a class, it will appear in tabular formatted data.  The list of data includes date, class time, class name, trainer and the options of view, edit and clear icons.

  • View (the icon with the arrow): allows a read only view of the layout with the assigned stations listing the studio member in place of the “Available” label.  Also, if the stations layout has changed and a previously assigned  studio member no longer has a station with the class, he or she will be displayed in the unassigned stations at the bottom of the viewed layout page.

  • Edit (the icon with the pencil): allows you to change the clients station.  When clicking the save button, If two or more clients have the same station selected from the dropdown, saving the information will not occur.  There is a “Clear” link provided which will clear the client from the class.

Clear (the icon with the X):  when clicked, a popup box will appear asking if the administrator wants to clear all of the reservations from the class.  When “OK” is clicked, All of the reservations of the corresponding class will be deleted.

To the right of the grid is:

         "Add Reservation" button: Takes you to a screen where you can add a reservation of someone on the layout.  Click here to get a more in depth description on how to reserve a spot for someone in a class.

         "Block/Unblock Stations" button: Takes you to a screen where you can block a station from being reserved.  Click here to get a more in depth description on how to utilize the blocking of stations. 

         "MINDBODYCRM" button:  This links out to the MINDBODY site and directly to the class schedule.


Below these buttons, you have two filters to narrow the reservations down.  You can narrow the class by date and by class.  Enter the criteria that suits your needs.

Add Reservation (Book a Bike)

The add reservation page makes it simple for an administrative person to add new reservations to a class. (Emails and Last name was blurred for privacy).


Adding a reservation starts with looking up the client.  Type in a whole name or letters to search for a person.  The search will look for your search criteria in first and last name and email.  You'll get a list of people matching the criteria.  Click the radio button corresponding to the user you want to add a reservation too.  Then you select the class name, date of the class, instance of the class which is the time on that day.  After selecting all of the criteria, the layout of the class will appear.  Click on the station you want to add to the reservation for that person.

There are multiple reasons someone can reserve a station even with an error message.

  • User has no credits -- Yes
  • User is signing up for back to back classes -- Yes (but can be overridden)
  • Client is signing up outside the scheduling window --  Yes
  • User is already booked for this class -- No
  • Web registration for this class is full -- Yes (but can be overridden)
  • The station you've selected has already been take, try again with another station -- Yes

Block/Unblock Reservation(s)

The blocking stations page is a terrific way for holding a station, maybe for someone calling in or a new member not yet signed up which will hold them a spot.  It's also a great way to entice walk-ins or another use for blocking a bike is if the station needs repairs. 

To reach the block/unblock screen, click on the button block/unblock button in the reservations tab.  

Here, you can simply click on the box and a calendar will popup.  Pick a date where you want to Block/Unblock stations.


Before you arrive at the screen which shows you the layout, you need to select a date and then the class from the class name drop down.  Once you select a class, now select a date of the class in the schedule dropdown.   The layout will appear for the class.  Click on the station you want blocked and it'll turn gray saying it's blocked.  After the icons turns gray, be sure to click save so the stations remain blocked.  In addition to blocking a station you can notate each blocked station by adding text in the input box directly below the save changes button.  That notation will show up in red for the blocked station.  

When you see the text on the left "Reservations Successfully Synced", your stations are syncing with MINDBODY for this class 



The emails page provides three different types of templates which allow you to customize sent out emails for three different types of reservations.  They are Front desk, Customer, Waitlist, and Sync reservations.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.42.40 PM

In each of these e-mail templates, you can fill out a From Name, Reply to Email, and a Subject in the specified textboxes.  Fill in the values as you see fit.  The text in red gives an important example on how to create a template e-mail.  If you want, you can simply copy the text in red and paste it in the text editor. The values in brackets with a dollar sign are a dynamic field which will be generated when the email is sent to someone pertaining to the Front Desk reservation or the Customer reservation or the Waitlist reservation or the Sync Reservation.  The dynamic field will match the name of what the output will be, so for instance,  the $client_name will output the client's name to the e-mail. 

The listed variables:

  • $client_name: puts the name of the client in the e-mail
  • $station_id: sends the id of the station that is specific to the email
  • $class_name: lists the class name pertaining to the e-mail
  • $class_date: lists the date of the class
  • $class_start_time: lists of start time of the class
  • $class_end_time: lists the end time of the class
  • $account_name: lists the name of the account
  • $account_domain: lists the website name in the e-mail



  • MyStats Support: This is under construction.

  • Waitlisting: Wait ll In order to adhere to the waitlisting of MINDBODY you need to make sure this radio button is clicked to "On" and waitlisting is set up to function through MINDBODY Consumer Mode.   

Studio Member View


A studio member will access a class with stations thru the station schedule page. To get to the station schedule page type in the domain with the following path /apps/MINDBODY/station-schedule.

 If there is a station layout associated with a class, after clicking the sign up button, the site will take the member to the layout display.  

The member will be able to click on any available icon.  If a spot has been taken the icon will look different than an available icon.  Currently the default reserved cycle and mat are gray rather than colored.  Once the member clicks on the available icons they will be reserved for the selected spot.


Click Here to view our Stations Best Practices Sheet