myStats App Settings

Within the settings of myStats, you will be able customize your stat email, the client dashboard view, and other great features listed below.


Any checkboxes checked show up as a stat for the user. So check all relevant checkboxes and click the "Save" button.


The leaderboards tab will list all of the classes where you can click and drill into the class to view the leaders.


The motivation tab allows for a quote to be added with the author's name. To edit the quote click the "edit" link corresponding to the quote. Deleting the quote works the same way as the edit link but, instead, click the delete link.


The custom email filled out in this section will deliver the processed stats to the customer.

On the e-mail tab, the first thing you'll notice is the radio button to enable or disable stats email. Choose enable to send emails to the clients after their stats have been customized.

In this e-mail template, you can fill out a From Name, Reply to Email, and a Subject in the specified textboxes. Fill in the values as you see fit. The text in red gives an important example on how to create a template e-mail. If you want, you can simply copy the text in red and paste it in the text editor or customize the e-mail however you see fit. The values in brackets with a dollar sign are a dynamic field which will be generated when the email is sent to someone pertaining to the Front Desk reservation or the Customer reservation or the Waitlist reservation.


Creating an instructor allows the user to see private WOD's (workouts of the day) and to see posts from an individual workout.

To add an instructor, type in the instructor's email address and click "add". If that instructor's email address exists it'll be added to the instructors list.


The advanced tab manages the ability for quotes to appear on the dashboard by clicking "enable". 

The token is used for setting up the PerformanceIQ software. When initially setting up the software with PerformanceIQ the token is emailed to them and PerformanceIQ will enter the token into their system. This allows for the two pieces of software to talk to each other.  

The last thing is to choose whether you want your clients weight measurement to be pounds or kilograms.