There are a few small differences between the SMS service and the APP.  Mainly, it's the opportunity to buy a text number and the whole history of the conversation can be viewed.  The rest of the documentation will show the importance of this powerful text messaging service.


The Overview is a tabular list of phone numbers linked to the studio. 

  • Default: If there are multiple text numbers, click the radio button you want to have for the defaulted text number of your studio.
  • App: You can select an App you want the text number to be associated too.
  • Number: The Phone number listing.
  • View: Click on the view link to view more properties on the text number.
  • Delete: Click the Delete link to no longer use or associate the number with the studio.

Clicking on the view link will list the sid number, friendly name, phone number and the App, if there is an App affiliated with the number.

SMS Activity

The history lists a tabular format of data descending by date.  The columns are date, To (number), from (number), and the message. 

Any scheduled or upcoming text messages are listed on the Scheduled screen. 


 The Events screen lists all of the events the text message goes through from sending to the person receiving the message and back again.

Send SMS


  • To:  Type in the number the text message will be sent too.
  • From: Lists the text numbers the studio has and you can choose which one you want the number to be sent thru.
  • Textarea: All of the text you want sent should be entered into the message textarea.  The only other text which will be sent are the URL text and the URL.  To the right of the Message is a Preview panel which displays how the texted message will look like.  
  • Url Text:  (Optional) The input gives context to the URL.  An example is: "Details at:"      
  • Include URL: (Optional) Populate the text box with a URL you want for the member to click on in the text message. Please include "http://" before typing in for the shortened URL to work.
  • Shortened URL: To create a shortened(bitly) URL click the check box.  Shortening the URL which can allow for more characters in the main portion of the message. 
  • Send On: The checkbox "Send Now" will default to checked which will send the text message immediately.  Unchecking the "Send Now" checkbox will display a date with a time.  Toggle through the date with the calendar widget.  Select the desired date and then type in the time you want it to be sent out.  *Note: The time is in 24 hour format.
  • *Note: Included is a character count and the character count can not exceed 160 characters.  If it does the character count will turn red until it's reduced to 160 characters or less.  Also, if the character count is greater than 160 the message will not be sent.

SMS Conversation

In the gray bar is a lists the conversations and how long ago the last text was sent to the conversation.  Click on the number you're interested in to view the conversation associated with the number.  The textarea at the top with the send button provides a convenient way to send a text to the selected member.  On this screenshot, where stuff is etched out, there will be the person's phone in the scribbled out area.