After you have created a store page on your website, generated an HTML embed code from Ecwid and dropped it onto your web page, you are ready to add products to your store.  Keep in mind that, although your products will display on your LiveEdit/IIN Health Coach Website, they can only be updated from within your Ecwid store.

1.  Click on 'Catalog' at the top left of the Ecwid page. Then click on 'New Product.'

2.  Enter your first product by giving it a name, adding an image, description and price. When complete, click on 'Save.' Then click 'New product' and repeat this step for your next product.

3.  After you have completed adding your products to your catalog, you may want to organize them into categories.  Click on 'Categories' on the top left hand side of your screen. 

4.  Add your category's name, upload an image, and fill in a description. Click 'Save.'

***Whenever you make a change to a product, price, image or category in Ecwid, it will automatically be reflected on your store page of your LiveEdit site. You may need to refresh your website in order for updates to display.

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