If you use MailChimp's email marketing service for your business, embedding a signup form on your LiveEdit website is as easy as 1...2...3! Just  build the html form in MailChimp, generate an Embed code and drop it into your LiveEdit website!

First, build a form in MailChimp!

     1.  Log in to your MailChimp account and navigate to the 'Lists' page. Beside the list you will use, click the drop-down menu on the list dashboard, click 'Signup forms.'


     2.  Select General Forms. 


     3.  From the Forms and Response Emails drop-down list, choose signup form.


     4.  Use the form builder to style the fields, colors, fonts, and text of your form.

After you have built the form, you can choose a form option, customize your settings, and generate the form code to add to your LiveEdit website. 

     1.  Navigate to the 'Lists' page. Beside the list you will use, click the drop-down menu on the list dashboard, click 'Signup forms.'


     2.  Select Embedded Forms.


     3.  Copy the HTML from the box below the form preview.



Now that you have the signup form embed code, you can paste it onto any page of your LiveEdit website!

     1. Log in to your LiveEdit Website.


     2. Navigate to the page where the signup form will be placed and open the Edit panel by clicking 'Edit' in the top left hand corner of your screen. Hover over the HTML element, drag it to the content                area where the signup form will be displayed, and           drop it.


     3.  Release the HTML icon. The HTML Source Editor box will then appear.

     4.  Paste the HTML code from MailChimp and click Save Changes.



The form will now display on your site!

Note:  The styling of this button is handled within the MailChimp platform.  To make changes to the colors, fonts, fields, and copy, please log into MailChimp and generate a new code with those settings and follow the process to drop in a new HTML element. 3rd party code cannot be customized via your LiveEdit platform. As such, any questions relating to code from 3rd party services should be directed to their support. LiveEdit and ASTG are unable to assist in the customization of plugins.

If the "subscribe" button does not appear after being placed on your website, please refer to this help guide from MailChimp: http://kb.mailchimp.com/lists/signup-forms/the-subscribe-button-on-my-signup-form-doesnt-show