What is a ".liveeditaurora.com" URL?

When your website was created, you chose a ".liveeditaurora.com" URL for your account. This URL is provided so your website can be built before others can view and find it on the web. By default, this URL will not be indexed by any major search engine, such as Google or Bing. 

We do not encourage you to share your ".liveeditarurora.com" URL. It is a recommend best practice to purchase a custom domain for your website and business, as it helps build brand awareness and optimize your Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO).

Where can I purchase a custom domain? 

American Spirit Technology Group does not offer custom domain sales or registry services. A custom domain can be purchased from a DNS (Domain Name System) provider. Here are some popular DNS providers our clients have used: GoDaddy, Google Domains, NameCheap, and HostGator.

Do I need to purchase website hosting? 

Your website and its digital contents are hosted by American Spirit Technology Group. The hosting is part of your monthly subscription cost. Additional website hosting through a DNS provider is not required to be purchased.

Do you provide custom email address? 

American Spirit Technology Group does not host or provided custom email address. We recommend contacting your DNS provider as its very common for DNS providers to offer custom email address services.

How to launch your website with a custom domain. 

To launch your website, there are two essential steps: 

1) First, please contact your DNS company and request that they set the Domain A record (sometimes just called the 'A' record or @ record) of your base domain (example: liveeditplatform.com) and the 'www' subdomain (example: www.liveeditplatform.com) to the following Internet Protocol (IP) address:

Please Note: 

  • For the 'www' subdomain, it may be set as a CNAME record in your DNS. Please set  this to point to our IP address. (Some DNS providers, such as GoDaddy, have this pointed back to @ which works as well.)
  • Changing your DNS settings can take upwards of 24-48 hours to go into full effect across the web. 
  • We do not require any other changes within your DNS settings, such as changing the Name Server.  
  • Please do not add any redirects to the ".liveeditaurora.com" in your DNS, as it may cause an issue with accessing the website.

2) Second, we will have to add your custom domain name to your website. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Dashboard icon from the top right of the LiveEdit Dashboard.

  2. Click the Account Info icon on the top left of the page.

  3. Select the Manage Your Aliases tab. This is where all of the aliases for your website are listed.

  4. Type in your non-www. version and click the Add Alias buttonAfter the aliases is added in, please click on the Star () icon to the left of the name. When the Star is gold (), it indicates this domain is now the primary domain of the website.  

  5. Next, type in your www. version of your custom domain and click the Add Alias button.

  6. Lastly, click on the small Edit button () to the right of the www version of your domain. In the pop-up window, check Redirect to and enter the non-www version of your site in the box below.

    Search engines recognize both versions of your site. By selecting one version as your primary and redirecting the other to the primary, you are telling search engines which version is your go-to domain name. Now, all inbound traffic to your preferred domain will point to your new site.


Please Note:  If you are on the IIN Heritage Package, only one custom domain aliases can be added. 

I followed the steps above but my website is showing the login page to visitors? 

Under the Account Info tab within Account Settings, there is an option called Password Protect. When this option is enabled, the entire website will be password protected and require a login to view

If you have any questions or troubles launching your website, please open a new support ticket with our team.