Can I place third-party widgets, iFrames, or plugins on my website?

If you are using a third-party service not yet integrated with our platform, see if they offer an embeddable widget. A common form of a widget is an iFrame. For example, Constant Contact and MailChimp both offer a widget that can be placed using our HTML Element.

Note: Liveedit cannot assist with modifying third party coding, such as changing styling. We also can not guarantee third-party coding will be compatible within the platform system. You may be charged a fee for correcting code affecting the system in a negative way.

Can I use WordPress plugins or themes?

WordPress plugins and themes are not compatible with our platform. 

Can an outside developer edit the MINDBODY Integration coding?
The liveedit platform is a closed sourced content-management-system (CMS). Our MINDBODY integration, including Stations, is custom-built into our platform to interface with Mindbody's API. Outside developer access to our platform is not available through an API or other means.

Can I access or edit my website HTML/CSS template code?

You can modify the website's template coding (such as HTML/CSS/Javascript) through the Template section in the Dashboard. To learn more about our template section, please see our Templates Section Guide.

Can I upload or host my own HTML files on my website?

Due to the nature of our CMS, we do not support uploading and hosting custom HTML files to create a unique page.

Does my website have FTP access?

Due to the Cloud-based nature of our hosting environment, all of your files are not located in one location on our servers.  You can upload new images, videos, and other files to your website through our File Manager.