What is Mindbody Online?

Mindbody Online is a powerful business management software. Their software allows studios to easily manage their clients, employees, class schedule, sales, and much more. To learn more about Mindbody Online, please see here.

Liveedit's Mindbody Integration

Mindbody’s software does not include any consumer-facing interfaces that can be directly used on a website. In order to have clients purchase and sign-up for classes, they would have to go to Mindbody Consumer Mode. This would actually route clients away from your website, which is not the most ideal user experience. 

Mindbody has developed an API (Application Program Interface) that allows other developers to build integrated solutions. For over 5 years, Liveedit has been an official Mindbody partner that has been providing studios with an integrated web solution based on the Mindbody API. Our Mindbody integrated provides your clients a way to easily purchase a class package, sign-up for your class, and much more without leaving the website. 

To link up your liveedit website with the Mindbody Integration, please look at our integrated set-up Guide Here.