Why is my class not appearing?

If a class is not appearing through a placed MINDBODY Schedule Element, please check the following items:

  • Make sure the class is set to allow online bookings and has online reservations slots assigned in MINDBODY Business Mode.  

  • Make sure the class is showing in MINDBODY Consumer Mode while logged out of Business Mode. If a class is not appearing in MINDBODY Consumer Mode, it often indicates the class is not set up to allow online signups yet.

  • Make sure the Class Category and Service Category are checked for the classes you wish to display on the MINDBODY Schedule Element. 

What is a Service Category or Class Type?

Classes in MINDBODY Business mode are organized and set-up through what are "Class Types" and "Service Categories".

  • Service Category:  A service category is a broad category that will contain several different "Class Types".
  • Class Type: A class type allows you to schedule different instance or sessions of that "Class Type".

Below are two helpful guides from MINDBODY's support portal to provide further clarification. If you have any questions setting up Class Types or Service Categories in MINDBODY Business Mode, please reach out to MINDBODY's support.  

With our MINDBODY Schedule Element, we pull over both the Class Types and Service Categories that are active in your Mindbody Business Mode. In the settings of the MINDBODY Schedule element, you have the option to check which Class Types or Service Categories you want to display through the element. If one of these items is left unchecked, it will not be displayed. 

Note: Any time a new Class Type or Service Category is added to your MINDBODY account, it will not be automatically checked in an already placed MINDBODY Schedule Element.

Please follow our steps below on how to update this setting:

  1. Login to your website. (Login Guide)
  2. Navigate to the page containing the placed MINDBODY Schedule Element
  3. Click Edit 
  4. Click on the placed MINDBODY Schedule Element to bring up the settings window. 
  5. Check the Class Type and Service Category you would like to display on the website.

    (Note: If you do not see a recently added Class Type and Service Category, please try logging out of liveedit and logging back in. This will create a new session to ensure you are seeing the latest information.)

  6. Click Save Changes

Note: If you have no Edit option on your schedule page, you are using an Integrated Schedule Page. The integrated schedule page will automatically pull over all available classes for online booking from MINDBODY. If a class is missing, please review your MINDBODY class setup.