Our Form Element has the ability to set up an automatic email that will be sent to the user after they submit the form. This automatic email response is a great way to provide clients additional information such as a downloaded PDF link, after they submitted the form.

To get started with setting up this automatic email, please follow these steps:

  1. Login 

  2. Jump to your page with the form.

  3. Click Edit

  4. While in Edit Mode, click on your placed Form. This will open the edit window for the Form. 

  5. Make sure your form has the Email field placed in.

  6. Click on the Form name (very top field). On the right hand side, you will see general settings about the form. In here set the following to options:

    Send Confirmation = set Yes.
    Send To = set to Email


  7. Next, below these two options there is a linked called Edit E-Mail. Click on this to bring up another window to setup the message of the email.

  8. In here, set up the Subject and Email Body. There are dynamic values at the bottom of the form you can use. This is a great way to personal your message.  For example, you could add in the dynamic value for the first name.

    Note: These emails are sent from our system. However, we make the appear to have come from you. The From Name / Email Address is pulling from the Support Email and Support Name under the Account Settings section. 

    Example of using a dynamic value to pull in the first name.

    Hello {$field_1_1},
    Thank you for recent submission. We will be reaching out soon.
    Thanks you,
    Our Studio


  9. Once you have complete the auto email. Click Ok. (You can come back and edit this form at any time.) 

  10. Click Save Changes

  11. The auto email is now active.