Let us help you navigate our system and build an amazing website!

A 60 minute personalized training session allows you to work one-one-one with a member of the LiveEdit Education team!  

Get Help with:
- Basic Editing
- Application setup (Recipe App, IIN Forms)
- Page layouts and customization help
- Familiarity with the LiveEdit platform
- Any additional question on anything relating to your website

Good For:

- Anyone!

- Training sessions can be customized to go over what YOU want to learn!

The appointment is intended to be a personal training/question session only, so the work will not be done for you

A member of the LiveEdit Education team will help and guide you as much as possible, so you can feel comfortable making changes on your own.*

*Any requests requiring additional work or coding will be quoted to you as a paid service.

To book your training appointment please use the schedule below.

Please note: Appointments are only 60 minutes we CANNOT go past that time into someone else’s time slot.

*All times are listed in CST (Central Time Zone), so make sure to click 'CST' to select your own timezone.

Be prepared for your appointment!

Instructions on joining will be sent via email once you've booked your time.

Your appointment is non-refundable.

$100 for each 60 minute session.