Our education (support) team can help answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues about our platform. We can be reached by submitting a ticket or booking an appointment.

Note: We do not offer a direct call-in number for phone support. If you wish to connect one-on-one with a member of our team over a call, please book an appointment.


Our team is here from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time (US) Monday to Friday. We will be closed all US Holidays.

How to submit a support ticket

A ticket can be submitted by Clicking Here. Once submitted, you will receive an automated email acknowledging that we have received your request and provide you with a ticket number. Once received, a member of our team will review and responded back within 24 business hours. Typically, you will receive a response much sooner. If you have signed up for an account with our education portal, you will also be able to view the status of your ticket or submit a reply. 

To help us better address any questions or issues you may have, here are some helpful tips when submitting a ticket: 

  • Be as specific as possible. The more details our team has on your question or issue, the better we can assist you. For example, if you are having trouble making an edit on a specific page, please include the page URL and content area.

  • Visuals are extremely helpful! If you have a screenshot or image that will help explain your issue, please uploaded it as an attachment when submitting the ticket.

  • When replying back to a ticket, please reply using the same email address you submitted the ticket with. This will allow our team to better track and responded to your ticket. If you reply with a different email address, it may create a new ticket.

  • For any new questions or issues, please make sure to submit a new ticket instead of replying to an older ticket to ensure a timely response. 

How to book an appointment

To book an appointment, please click on the 'Make Appointment' button at the very top of this page and select your appointment type.

  • Education (Support) Appointment
    During the appointment, one of our support representatives can assist you with any technical issues or help walk you through how to make an edit on the website. This appointment is 20 minutes and costs $20 US. Note: If you are on a monthly subscription, you have a set amount of complimentary education appointments you can use per month.

  • Design Appointment
    During this appointment, you get to work with one of our professional web designers who can help you with any design-related items or make changes for you throughout the website (e.g. placing new images, text). This appointment is 30 minutes and costs $75 US.