Third party SSL installations, such as those through GoDaddy, are not supported due to restrictions imposed by our server host. If you would like to have an SSL, you must purchase an SSL from LiveEdit. If you are currently working on building a new LiveEdit website please follow the steps listed below to request a new SSL for your new LiveEdit website.

*NOTE: SSL installation and propagation can take up to 72 hours to complete. 

During this time, your website will display as 'not secure' and may not be publicly accessible.

The SSL installation process can only be started after your website has been set 'live'. If you have not set your site 'live' you can do so by following our easy to follow instructions. Once your site is live, you will be able to request a new SSL by following the steps below:

How to purchase and install an SSL: 

  1. Login to your LiveEdit website

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Click on the Domains tab.

    Please Note: After clicking on the Domains tab you may notice that you are redirected to your LiveEdit URL and prompted to log in again. This is done to ensure your purchase is secure. 

  4. Click on Request SSL that appears next to your Primary Domain.

    Please Note: If you do not see the Request SSL option, this is an indication that the A Record of your custom domain is not pointed over to our required IP address. To update your A Record, please contact your DNS company (the company in whom you purchased your custom domain from) and have them set the A Record (sometimes just called the 'A' record or @ record) of both your base domain and 'www' subdomain so they point our required IP address of

  5. Next, you will be shown a screen with the SSL’s price and option to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to have Auto Renew turned on. Please select your option then click Checkout.

  6. Next, you will be prompted to enter in your payment information. Once entered, click Next to continue.

  7. You will then be shown your entered payment information. If everything is correct, click Confirm to continue.

  8. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase. Please check the "I Agree" box then click Complete Order

    Please Note: Once you’ve submitted your SSL order, you will be sent a receipt email and the payment will also appear under the Billing tab.

  9. Now that you’ve purchased an SSL, our system will begin installing it automatically. No further actions are required on your end.

    Please Note: 
    - Under the SSL column, you will notice that two-arrow icon () appear next to your domain. This indicates your SSL is still being installed. 
    - The install process will take 72 hours to complete. 
    - You will not experience any interruption of services during the SSL installation process.

  10. Once the SSL has been installed, you will see a checkmark  () next to your domain.

When finished the website will show a lock icon within the web browser search bar and use the HTTPS connection method.  Due to the installation period please account for your website being not publicly accessible until this process has finished.  

As you will now be using an SSL provided from LiveEdit directly through your website, you will no longer need your previous SSL install and can safely cancel those services with your provider (please note this ONLY refers to SSL services and is not related to any domain name purchases).  Canceling of your previous SSL will NOT affect your new LiveEdit website which will be secured with an SSL as soon as the installation process has completed.