Role-based permissions are used to limit the level of access users can have on your LiveEdit website. 

Setting Roles

Under the Users and Groups section, please use the Role selector to set a user's access level.

AccessMemberUserAdminSite Owner
Password Protected PagesX*XXX

Design Tab


Services and App Access
Set User

Set Admin

Set Manager


*A Member can only access a password-protected page if they are part of a 'Group' that has access or if their account is specifically checked to have access to that page. Users, Admins, and Site Owners can access all password-protected pages by default.

**Limited to only the Template & Analytics section

Setting Role Permissions per page

Under the Pages section, a new Permissions tab field will allow you to control access per page.

  • Can Edit Details -  Allows users to edit the properties of this page (e.g. Name, URL, SEO Information.)
  • Can Edit Content - Allows users to edit the content on this page.

Setting Role Permissions per Content Area

The orange lock symbol next to the name of a content area will allow you to lock all content within that area to a specific role.

Please Note: 

  • If you lock a Region, all content areas within that area will share the same access level that the Region is set to. 
  • If a content area is set to an Admin level for editing but the page is set to Site Owner, admins will not have access to edit the content area.

Setting Role Permissions per Element

Under the Advanced tab of each element, a new Permissions field will allow you to control access for editing the element.