We now offer role-based permissions to limit the level of access users can have on your LiveEdit website. 

Setting Roles

Under the Users and Groups section, please use the Role selector to set a user's access level.

AccessMemberUserAdminSite Owner
Password Protected PagesX*XXX

Design Tab


Services and App Access
Set User

Set Admin

Set Manager


*A Member can only access a password-protected page if they are part of a 'Group' that has access or if their account is specifically checked to have access to that page. Users, Admins, and Site Owners can access all password-protected pages by default.

**Limited to only the Template & Analytics section

Setting Role Permissions per page

Under the Pages section, a new Permissions field will allow you to control access per page.

  • Can Edit Details -  Allows editing the properties of the page (e.g. Name, URL, SEO Information.)
  • Can Edit Content - Allows the Edit button to appear on the page to edit content.

Setting Role Permissions per Content Area

The orange lock symbol next to the name of a content area will allow you to lock all content within that area to a specific role.

Please Note: If you lock a Region, all content areas within that area will share the same access level that the Region is set to. 

Setting Role Permissions per Element

Under the Advanced tab of each element, a new Permissions field will allow you to control access for editing the element.