Elements allow you to drag and drop in content, such as Text and Images. While in Edit Mode on a page, you can access these Elements to drag and drop them in. 

We have three different types of elements, Basic, Mindbody, and IIN. All our packages include the Basic Elements and the others are based on your subscription plan. 

Basic Elements

Mindbody Elements

Note, these Elements will only appear for MINDBODY Users

IIN Elements

Adding Elements

To add an Element click and drag the icon into a Content Area while in Edit Mode.

Please note, the overall size of Elements added to a Content Area is based on the width of that Content Area.

Editing already placed Elements

To edit an already placed Element, left-click on the Element while in Edit Mode.

Moving Elements

To move an already placed Element, click and hold on the Element till it turns into a Drag to Place icon while in Edit Mode then drag it into new Content Area.

Deleting Elements

To delete an Element, click on it while in Edit Mode then click on the Delete Icon. Once you confirm the deletion, the Element will be removed. Note: There is no way to undo deleting an Element.