In this guide, we will cover how visitors can leave a comment on your blog post.

Enabling Commenting

When publishing a blog post, please enable the Allow Comments option to enable commenting. 

How do visitors add comments?

When comments are enabled, a Comment section will appear at the very bottom of a blog post while viewing that individual post. 

To comment, visitors will have to create what is known as a Member Account with your Liveedit website. Once they have an account, they can leave a comment.

Please Note: 

  • Member Accounts will appear under the User & Groups
  • If visitors are unable to create a Member accounts on your website, please contact our team.

Comment Moderation

To enable comment moderation, navigate to the Comments tab of Settings, then enable the Blog-wide comment moderation option. Once enabled, you can enter an email address to receive a notification each time a visitor leaves a comment to approve. 


Comments awaiting approval will appear under the Comments tab of My PostOnce approved, they will appear for other visitors to see! 

Note: We do not have a built-in feature that allows you to reply to comments at this time.